SmithWorks Fabrication, LLC, or SmithWorks for short, is a family owned business that was founded in 1999 to meet the ever-growing need to identify, designate, serialize, label and enhance the look and safety of industrial parts and products. Chad and LaDonna Smith, locally known as SmithWorks, are located in northeastern Nevada. We serve the needs for panel fabricators, control systems engineers, original equipment manufacturers, plant engineering and maintenance departments as well as the marketing departments of many diverse businesses. We are continually growing into new applications for the electrical, automotive, aerospace, mining, semiconductor, promotional and part marking industries. Our work can be found in many locations from the Hoover Dam, military aircraft, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, GE wind energy mills, the Ronald Reagan Memorial Hospital and the Intel American Choppers bike, to name a few. Whatever the job, we know the importance of having fast and accurate service. We strive to deliver your job to your specifications right the first time so you can move on to more important aspects of your work.

Nevada Office
SmithWorks Fabrication LLC
(775) 738-7646